2012 and the End of the World: The Western Roots of the Maya - download pdf or read online

By Matthew Restall, Amara Solari

ISBN-10: 144220611X

ISBN-13: 9781442206113

Did the Maya relatively expect that the realm might result in December of 2012? If no longer, how and why has 2012 millenarianism won such well known allure? during this deeply a professional publication, best historians of the Maya resolution those questions in a succinct, readable, and obtainable type. Matthew Restall and Amara Solari introduce, clarify, and finally demystify the 2012 phenomenon. they start through in short reading the facts for the prediction of the world's result in historical Maya texts and photographs, examining accurately what Maya monks did and didn't prophesize. The authors then convincingly exhibit how 2012 millenarianism has roots a ways in time and position from Maya cultural traditions, yet in these of medieval and Early smooth Western Europe. Revelatory any myth-busting, whereas ultimate firmly grounded in old truth, this attention-grabbing publication may be crucial studying because the countdown to December 21, 2012, starts.

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Mary is Queen of Heaven, a title inherited from Astarte-Ashtoreth, the aspect symbolized by her blue, star-spangled cloak; she is lunar, like Artemis, and is often depicted standing on a crescent moon; she is the Star of the Sea, with many sanctuaries all around the shores of the Mediterranean; and as Virgin Mother of God, she is heir to the ancient tradition of the primal Mother. She also took on aspects of the Earth Mother, not least through her shrines in caves, grottoes, and crypts, and as the protectress of many holy wells.

Later at the conference, more than one hundred religious leaders joined to hail the scientists' appeal as "a unique moment and opportunity in the relationship of science and religion. "38 34 TWO THE CONQUEST OF NATURE AND THE SCIENTIFIC PRIESTHOOD ~( Man's Dominion over Nature After creating the first man and woman, "God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful, and increase, fill the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish in the sea, the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on·the earth' " (Genesis 1:28).

23 The Copernican revolution began by replacing one model of the cosmic organism with another, but it soon led to the realization that the cosmos was not a closed system with a center. Rather, it was a universe with no center at all; the stars were themselves suns, and space stretched outward in all directions to infinity. The cosmic organism had broken open. Then, through the mechanistic revolution, the old model of the living cosmos was replaced by the idea of the universe as a machine. According to this new theory of the world, nature no longer had a life of her own: she was soulless, devoid of all spontaneity, freedom, and creativity.

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