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By David J. Eicher

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50 maximum Mysteries of the Universe is an astronomy buff’s dream ebook! This new collector’s variation from the editors of Astronomy contains the most recent learn on astronomy’s largest questions. How previous is the universe? Are there different planets like Earth? How do monstrous stars explode? discover solutions to those questions, and more!

50 maximum Mysteries of the Universe has the most recent medical wisdom in regards to the universe’s starting and finish. discover why antimatter issues, what function string idea performs in cosmic constitution, and even if parallel universes rather exist. state-of-the-art technological know-how written in easy-to-understand language makes this collector’s merchandise a memento to proportion with family and friends.

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John Murray, from the Open University in the UK, made an unexpected and extremely important discovery on one set of images, the results of which they published in a letter to the journal Nature in March of 2005. Between 2 and 10 million years ago, a great fissure north of the region called Cerberus Fossae is thought to have ejected molten rock all over the surrounding landscape. The resulting lava flows were believed to be accompanied by great floods that covered large parts of the region with water.

In 2003, Mars Global Surveyor returned an image of a “deltalike fan” of material deposited on the Martian surface inside a large crater named Eberswalde. Scientists including Ken Edgett believe the image shows the end result of a river depositing sediment Where Does Water Flow? 31 into an ancient lake or ocean on Mars. Crucially this required not just a catastrophic flood to form but a continual flow of liquid over the Martian surface. As Edgett puts it “This find provided the first conclusive evidence for persistent flow of a liquid (presumed to be water) from valleys that we still see today into a crater.

It was not until 1993 that scientists realized that the meteorite they had labeled and stored 9 years earlier was Martian in origin. 5 billion years old, perhaps even a piece of the original Martian crust. The specimen then became even more interesting to those who had found it; it was given a new name (ALH 84001, the first meteorite to be studied that year) and scrutinized at the world-class laboratories of the NASA Johnson Space Center. After months of examination, with some of the center’s foremost technology, a team of experts at the Johnson Space Center and their colleagues at Stanford University in California made a startling announcement.

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