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Acceptance of a new entity, therefore, cannot amount to a decision to use either the old or the new framework, since the first is inadequate and the second does not yet exist. On the basis of (1), (2), and (3), implied by Carnap's argument, we can reject the core of Carnap's thesis that we may still speak of "the acceptance of new entities" ... but one must keep in mind that this phrase does not mean for us anything more than the acceptance of the new framework. " 10 The acceptance of the new entity must be prior even to the decision to construct, let alone accept, a new linguistic framework.

The theory can either handle internal questions, or it is shown to be defective. External questions are about the theory and so they cannot be answered in terms of that theory. Many external questions can perhaps be reformulated as internal questions in another theory, but there is an external question—the one the sceptic is asking—that cannot be reformulated. For the sceptic wants to know what justification there is for constructing theories and adhering to them in our actions. Since the question is about the justification of theories, no theoretical answer can be satisfactory.

The primacy of common sense derives from its being, directly or indirectly, the background to very many problems. There is a picture that goes with the primacy of common sense. 2011 00:08:46] Document Previous Released By -TSJ5J- Next Page 48 it cast a shadow over it. The picture is that in certain ways all men, everywhere, respond to their environment similarly. The type of information they can receive and the type of responses they are capable of making are similar because all men, by virtue of being members of the species, are similarly built: they are equipped with the same physiology.

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