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By Aigli Papantonopoulou

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ISBN-13: 9780130882547

This e-book offers thorough insurance of the most themes of summary algebra whereas delivering approximately a hundred pages of functions. A repetition and examples first procedure introduces newcomers to mathematical rigor and abstraction whereas instructing them the elemental notions and result of smooth algebra. bankruptcy issues contain team conception, direct items and Abelian teams, earrings and fields, geometric buildings, ancient notes, symmetries, and coding concept. For destiny academics of algebra and geometry on the highschool point.

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The concept of Γ-near-ring, a generalization of ring was introduced by Nobusawa [56] and generalized by [3]. A generalization of both the concepts of near-ring and the Γring, namely Γ-near-ring was introduced by [67] and later studied by [9]. DEFINITION [67]: Let (M, +) be a group (not necessarily abelian) and Γ be a nonempty set. Then M is said to be a Γ-near-ring if there exists a mapping M × Γ × M → (the images of (a, α, b) is denoted by aαb) satisfying the following conditions : a. (a + b)αc = aαc + bαc and b.

1: Let S be a semigroup with identity 1. If the semigroup near-ring NS is a p-near-ring then S is a commutative semigroup with xp = x for every x ∈ S and N is a p-near ring without identity. Proof: Given NS the semigroup near-ring is a p-near-ring. 1 ⊆ p p p p NS so N is also a p-near-ring. Let n ≠ 0 be in N and s ∈ S, ns ∈ NS; (ns) = n s = ns p = ns (given) forcing s = s. Since N is commutative we see S is also commutative. 2: Let N be a finite p-near-field and S a commutative semigroup such that sp = s for every s in S and s .

THEOREM [67]: Let f be a Γ-homomorphism of M1 onto M2 with ker f = I and T a non-empty subset of M2. Then T∗ is an ideal of M2 if and only if f'(T∗) = T is an ideal of M1 containing I. In this case we have M1/T, M2/T∗ and (M1/I)(T/I) are Γisomorphic. Example [67]: Let G be a non-trivial group and X be a non-empty set. If M is the set of all mappings from X into G and Γ be the set of all mappings from G into X, then M is a Γ-near-ring. Let y be a non-zero fixed element of G. Define φ : X → G by φ(x) = y for every x ∈ X.

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