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By Gerstenhaber M., Schack D.

This paper is an accelerated model of comments added via the authors in lectures on the June, 1990 Amherst convention on Quantum teams. There we have been requested to explain, in as far as attainable, the fundamental ideas and effects, in addition to the current nation, of algebraic deformation conception. So this paper incorporates a mix of the outdated and the recent. now we have tried to supply a clean viewpoint even at the extra "ancient" issues, highlighting difficulties and conjectures of normal curiosity all through. We hint a course from the seminal case of associative algebras to the quantum teams that are now riding deformation concept in new instructions. certainly, one of many delights of the topic is that the research of btalgebra deformations has resulted in clean insights within the classical case of associative algebra - even polynomial algebra! - deformations.

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It is clear that H is a subgroup. 44 GROUPS [II, §4] and we may view H as the permutation group S„_i. ) We wish to describe all the cosets of H. For each integer i with 1 g i ^ n, let Tj be the permutation such that T,(n) = i, 1,(0 = n, and T; leaves all integers other than n and i fixed. ,T„H are distinct, and constitute all distinct cosets of H in S„. To see this, let aeS„, and suppose ain) = ;. Then Hence T^^CF Hes in /f, and therefore a lies in T,H. ,T„/f yield all the cosets. We must still show that these cosets are distinct.

24 [11, §1] GROUPS 3. ,x„ be elements of a group G. Show (by induction) that (Xi • • •X„) — -Xn • • • ^1 What does this look like in additive notation? For two elements x, yeG, we have (xy)"' = _v"'x"'. Write this also in additive notation. 4. (a) Let G be a group and x e G. Suppose that there is an integer n ^ 1 such that x" = e. Show that there is an integer m ^ 1 such that x ~ ' = x". (b) Let G be a finite group. Show that given xe G, there exists an integer n ^ 1 such that x" = e. 5. Let G be a finite group and S a set of generators.

13. Let G be a group and H a subgroup. Let xeG. Let xHx~^ be the subset of G consisting of all elements xyx with yeH. Show that xHx ' is a subgroup of G. 26 GROUPS [II, §2] 14. Let G be a group and let S be a set of generators of G. Assume that xy = yx for all x,yeS. Prove that G is abelian. Thus to test whether a group is abelian or not, it suffices to verify the commutative rule on a set of generators. Exercises on cyclic groups 15. A root of unity in the complex numbers is a number [, such that C" = 1 for some positive integer n.

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Algebras, bialgebras, quantum groups, and algebraic deformation by Gerstenhaber M., Schack D.

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