American Statesmen on Slavery and the Negro by Nathaniel Weyl PDF

By Nathaniel Weyl

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As it is to be apprehended, that they may seek employ in the ministerial army, I have presumed to depart from the resolution respecting them, and have given license for their being enlisted. " The Continental Army, however, ignored this restriction. All recruits, regardless of color, were accepted if fit for service. In 1777, Connecticut passed a law that "slaves of good life and conversation" were to be enlisted if approved of by the selectman. 19 Meanwhile, Washington had received on adulatory poem from Pli_Uli~ ~-~eatley, a slave who had been brought from Africa when seven years old.

The contrary was the case. Both men disliked the institution of slavery and regarded it as morally repugnant. Their fundamental philosophy was that of statesmen who championed both property rights and the other fundamental rights and liberties of free men. 6 Alexander Hamilton Hamilton's early life stands out in contrast to the New England upbringing of John Adams. Born on the island of Nevis in the West Indies, Hamilton grew up in an atmosphere in Manning J. Dauer, The Adams Federalists (Baltimore, 1953), p.

Despite the protests of Madame de Lafayette, the revolutionary government confiscated his Cayenne estate and sold the Negroes he had liberated back into slavery. In 1785, Washington told the Reverend Francis Asbury, who was to become the first Methodist Bishop in America, that he was opposed to slavery. 40 The following year he wrote John F. " 41 This and similar statements did not prevent Washington from asking Henry Lee to buy a slave bricklayer for him provided the price was not over 100 pounds.

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