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A concise, available advent to this fascinating and dynamic subject.* Adopts an procedure grounded in physics instead of mathematics.* comprises labored examples and scholar difficulties, besides tricks for fixing them and the numerical answers.* Many reviewers have commented that this can be the most effective 'introductory undergraduate point' texts at the topic and they'd all welcome a moment variation.

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Because we measure Hubble's constant to be positive rather than negative, we know that the Universe is expanding rather than contracting. We notice from this that the phrase Hubble's constant is a bit misleading. Although certainly it is constant in space due to the cosmological principle, there is no reason for it to be constant in time. In fact, using it as a more compact notation, we can write the Friedmann equation as an evolution equation for H(t), as - • It is best to use the phrase 'Hubble parameter' for this quantity as a function of time, reserving 'Hubble constant' for its present value.

The original r coordinate system, which does not expand, is usually known as physical coordinates. The quantity a(t) is a crucial one, and is known as the scale factor of the Universe. It measures the universal expansion rate. It is a function of time alone, and it tells us how physical separations are growing with time, since the coordinate distances x are by definition fixed. For example, if, between times t1 and t2, the scale factor doubles in value, that tells us that the Universe has expanded in size by a factor two, and it will take us twice as long to get from one galaxy to another.

Finally, compute the total energy density of the microwave background. Chapter 3 Newtonian Gravity It is perfectly possible to discuss cosmology without having already learned general relativity. In fact, the most crucial equation, the Friedmann equation which describes the expansion of the Universe, turns out to be the same when derived from Newton's theory of gravity as it is when derived from the equations of general relativity. The Newtonian derivation is, however, some way from being completely rigorous, and general relativity is required to fully patch it up, a detail that need not concern us at this stage.

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