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By Q. Ho-Kim, X. Pham

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This number of 816 difficulties relies at the textbook basic physics edited through academician g. S. Landsberg. therefore the content material and nature of the issues and their association as a rule conform with this textbook. there is not any part dedicated to atomic physics besides the fact that because the routines in landsbergs booklet lllustrate the suitable fabric in adequate element.

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In this poem and the Icelandic, Kaun means 'Ulcer'. ' This is a female rune in all its glory. It concerns female influence, mystery and hope. It also concerns new energy, understanding and positivity. For a woman, drawing this rune signifies the possibility of receiving love from a man, whilst for a man it signifies the joy in giving to a woman. It can also relate to sexuality. The keyword of 'bonfire' for this rune suggests bright flames of passion, and kindling a relationship. There are also suggestions of insight and knowledge, possibly coming from within, as a psychic energy, a light shining in the darkness, an inner light of knowledge.

Passions will run high either way, but jealousies may also creep in. Remember, whether you be man or woman, that according to legend Tyr lost his hand through swearing a false oath, so things said may not be true. Yet again, it is said that he was trying to bind the Fenris-wolf, and so an element of self-sacrifice may also be called for. It is useful to meditate on this rune in its upright position if you seek answers to a problem. Success in business is very likely when this rune is drawn in its upright position.

Things will work out well, but it is necessary to be flexible and adapt to new situations. It is also important to be able to let go of outworn or outmoded things and situations. Considered by many to be a binding rune, this rune is sometimes seen outside the house of students of the runes as it is said to be able to dispel bad storms, both actual or emotional. In Reverse This is another rune which does not seem to have a reversed position. However, should you disagree, consider the meaning to indicate withdrawal or escapism of some sort.

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Elementary Particles and Their Interactions - Concepts and Phenom. by Q. Ho-Kim, X. Pham

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