Real Process: How Logic and Chemistry Combine in Hegel's by John W. Burbidge PDF

By John W. Burbidge

ISBN-10: 0802008976

ISBN-13: 9780802008978

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These bare ends were placed into a jar containing water. When this was done (with the circuit set up so that current would flow if the wire ends touched), bubbles of gas formed on each wire. When the gas was captured and identified, it turned out that oxygen was being formed on one wire and hydrogen on the other. Twice as much hydrogen was formed as oxygen (by volume), in agreement with Lavoisier’s earlier measurements. But unlike Lavoisier’s experiments, which used heat to break water apart, these experiments used electricity.

In those days, it was possible to get a degree without the whole “number of credits” thing that is necessary today and, after some study, she easily passed her physics degree and continued on to study mathematics. In 1895, she married Pierre Curie, a young scientist known for his work on crystallography and magnetism. In 1897, Marya Sklodowska, now known by her married name of Marie Curie, decided to attempt her physics doctorate. As we have seen, this period was extremely exciting, with the recent discoveries of Roentgen and Becquerel.

This particular substance has the property that it glowed when illuminated by ultraviolet light. Becquerel placed the uranium salt on top of an opaque holder which held a photographic plate. He put the plate in the Sun for about 5 hours. Being careful, Becquerel simultaneously placed a second identical photographic plate nearby, this one with no uranium salts. This “control,” as it is called, would establish the effect of having a shielded photographic plate sitting in the sunlight for that long.

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